Southport's recreation facilities are important for the wellness and enjoyment of residents, employees, tenants and the surrounding community. The Central Plains RecPlex plays a vital role in community recreation with inhouse facilities that include a 9-metre rock climbing wall, indoor track, fitness area and gymnasium. The RecPlex is also home to Southport Bowl, located on the lower level; and the meeting place of several groups, clubs and leagues including, Prairie Bowhunters, Portage Gymnastics Club and more. Recreational activities in Southport also include the Southport Golf and a variety of outdoor recreation facilities. Browse our website for a complete overview.

News & Updates

Mixed League at Southport Golf Club
Southport Golf Club, in partnership and supported by Supplement King and Apex...
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24/7 Fitness Centre Access
As of May 30th, the Central Plains RecPlex will be 24/7!
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Junior Camp Offered in Southport
Southport Golf Club is excited to offer a Junior Camp this season!
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2023 Southport RUNway
Explore the community of Southport on foot... and go airside!
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Southport Golf Club Officially Opens!
Southport Golf Club officially opens on Friday, May 5th!
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Regional Tourism - Island on the Prairies

Portage la Prairie

Southport and Central Plains RecPlex are proud to be part of the Portage Regional Tourism Committee and the Island on the Prairies brand, promoting tourism in the region.

Learn more on the Island on the Prairies website.