Member of the Month

Congratulations to our January Member of the Month, Margaret Lutz! 🎉

"As we approach our 80th year, my husband and I are grateful that this nice facility and friendly staff are available. The truth of "use it or lose it" becomes increasingly clear as the years pass. To be able to go on walks, swimming, cross country skiing is more enjoyable if we have muscles that are accustomed to being used. Also, it's nice to have a "gym buddy" for encouragement on days when you don't feel like going. We have been privileged to maintain an active lifestyle reinforced by close to 20 years of gym membership."

Congratulations Margaret, for your success using the Central Plains RecPlex facility!

Every month at Central Plains RecPlex, we'll be featuring a member of the month who shows dedication to their fitness goals. 🏋️ If you have a nomination for a Member of the Month, please let us know by email, social media, or in person.

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