Another Waiting List for the Portage Gymnastics Club

Written by Aaron Wilgosh If you're hoping to sign your child up for the Portage Gymnastics Club, you might have to wait another year. There was a line pouring out of the Southport Recreation Centre Monday night, as parents waited for a chance to sign their children up for the program. Portage Gymnastics Club Outgoing President Dana Geisel says they have the same problem every year. "We did really well. Unfortunately, every year it seems we've got a big line-up because a lot of people want to get into the program. Which speaks to quality of our gymnastics program I think. We filled up all of our programs right away and unfortunately we're left with a waiting list." Giesel says they would love to accept more children into the program, but it's not as simple as adding extra class times. "It's because we have limited gym time, we can't get any more gym time at Southport right now. We also have a limited number of coaches, so we cap our classes so there's a good coach to child ratio. So kids don't have to spend a lot of time waiting in line, they get a lot of time on the equipment and it's safer with more coaches for kids." The gymnastics program runs Monday and Wednesday nights at the Southport Rec Centre.

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